Time: 10:00 a.m
Location: Meglingerstr. 56
81477 München

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The International Christian Church of Munich is led by pastor Sharon Henningham who is an ordained BFP Pastor.
Pastor Sharon is responsible for preaching, teaching and the organisational running of the church. You may read more about her below.

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Being brought up in a Christian family, in North Yorkshire, England, I have always had a great love and respected for the things of God. At the age of eleven I made a commitment to serve and follow the Lord and I renewed this commitment in my teenage years.

After completing my college education I trained as a secretary and then went on to train and worked as a Registered General Nurse (RGN) in several hospitals in the north of England.

In 1984, at a church of God convention in Holland, I heard about the spiritual barrenness of Germany. After returning to England I began earnestly praying for revival in Germany and the Lord revealed clearly to me, during one of my prayer times that I would be going there to live. Almost tens years latter I saw this fulfilled. In 1994 I moved to Munich, South Germany, to work as a nurse.

In the late summer of 1998, shortly after successfully completing Bible School in Germany, I became more involved with the newly formed International Christian Church Munich (I.C.C). I began by helping out with the music, then the teaching and preaching and the daily organisational running of the church. In April 2000 I was ordained as the Co-Pastor and was the the Praise & Worship leader for about 14 years.

God has opened the doors for me to travel in Europe, America, Africa and Asia to share the Gospel through teaching, preaching and singing. Sharing and singing about the goodness of God and teaching His Word brings me great joy.

September 2010, after completing further studies for three years at the BFP Beröa Theological Seminar in Erzhausen, Germany, I was officially ordained at the national BFP conference in Willingen/Upland, Germany, as a BFP Pastor.

Since January 2018, after confirmation from the Lord, I took on the position of the senior pastor in the International Christian Church Munich. The church is going through a very challanging time, since the summer of 2019 and I am learning to put my full trust in God's divine direction and plan for His church. 

Although a lot of my time is spent working for the church, I do have a full-time profession working in the Tumour Centre, of one of the large local hospital in Munich, as a specialised trained clinical Oncology Nurse.  I am also a trained Mentor on the ward for new staff and nurses in training.