Time: 10:00 am
Location: Meglingerstr. 56
81477 München

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After over a year of talking and praying about starting a work among the women, who at that time only made up about 25% of our congregation, our first official Ladies Ministry meeting took place in December 2001. We started meeting one Saturday each month in one of the sister's home for a fellowship meal followed by a time of praise and worship and hearing from the word of God. After one year we moved the meetings to the church premises and for a while we met every two months.

In January 2002 the Lord rested on our hearts the need to have regular prayer meetings and our Ladies intercessory prayer group was started with 3 - 5 of us meeting two hours weekly for prayer. This group no longer meets but instead there is a weekly prayer meeting, open to everyone on a Friday evening. The ladies have also grown in number and we now make up about 50% of the congregation.

Since 2007 we have met regularly on the second Saturday of every month in various of our sisters homes. The aim of these meetings is to encourage, motivate and build up our women to become women of God, setting godly examples in the home, family and church and using their God given abilities and talents beneficially in serving God and the church. Our meetings always end with intercessory prayer.

We have seen the mighty move of God, through prayer, in the life of our church members as well as personally in our lives. The church has been through some very turbulent times but with God we know that we can make it.